Monday, February 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship: Activity 1 What it means to be Digital Citizens?

SST Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme
6 February 2017
Me, Myself & My Cyber Persona

This video is about a young girl who is chatting to a man she does not know. The man asks her to meet him and she does. She really likes the man and thinks he makes her feel special! but is that really the truth?

Alternatively, you may click HERE to view the clip.

Reflection Question 1
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(a) What are the cyber dangers presented in the scenario? 

(b) Why do you think she succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim? 

(c) Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online? 


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  3. Roshan:
    a) Talking to people who you may not know.
    b) She was attracted to the boy.
    c) You think that they are friend because they follow on the particular social media.
    Chin Siang:
    a) Being tempted to do what a stranger asks you to do online
    b) She thought the boy was a good person and didn't know he actually had bad intentions
    c) On the internet, anyone can be anything as they can just post whatever they want and they can pretend they are someone else

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  5. (a) A person that the girl met online wanted her to take off her top in cyberspace and the video teaches us to not do whatever the stranger online tells you to do and be careful in whatever you do in front of the face cam.
    (b) She sees the profile picture of the person that she is talking to which is depicted to be a handsome guy.
    (c) Anyone can easily get pictures online and put it as their profile pictures.

  6. -Cyber dangers could lead to be dangerous in real life. If there is someone who wanted to hang out with you, he or she may have someone or something in their mind very nasty things to do with the victim.
    -She was so easily tempted to meet out with the guy that she had been chatting with for a period of time.
    -People online could sound like they are nice but in real life, they may not be as nice as he is online.

  7. (a) One may not know who he/she is talking to online as it is very easy to be anonymous online, therefore anyone can pretend to be someone that they are not to get something they want from another person.
    (b) She may have been very lonely (i.e. without friends), thus to suppress her loneliness, she took to chatting to a stranger online.
    (c) When online, you do not need to put your real name or picture, therefore anyone can pretend to be someone else online.

  8. Kamal Sawlani Govindani

    (a) The internet is a dangerous place filled with people you do not want to meet at different corners of the World Wide Web. You should never chat or meet up with people online if you do not know them or you should always tell an adult or someone you trust if something is wrong!

    (b) She saw the profile picture of the other person and thought he was a handsome person. She was also lonely.

    (c) People are unable to verify your identity online as compared to seeing you in real life. People can just take any photo from the web and impersonate others

  9. a) People able to assume a different persona in order to get close to people with a malicious intent. Another danger is that it is a stranger the girl is messaging, which means she cannot trust the person online.
    b) The person messaging her probably was the only one who praised her with words that made her feel special, but only to that person, or she felt very lonely and needed a friend. This is why she succumbed to the person's requests because of her trusting the person.
    c) The online platforms cannot really show the person who is using it, so it is easy for a person to "catfish" and make "friends" with other people who do not really know the person, but because of the profile picture they think they know the person. No one can find out whether the information online is true or not.

  10. (a) The cyber dangers are the girl giving out revealing photos and meeting up with a stranger without any adults around and going into his home.
    (b) She succumbed easily because she was lonely and trusted whoever she met online and did not go with adult supervision.
    (c) You can hide behind a veil of animosity and can be anyone you want.

  11. (A) The cyber dangers are that you do not know who the other party is and that the person may not be good.
    (B) She probably have no friends in school and that if someone opens up to her, she would be so happy that she does not see the dangers.
    (C) The social media network cannot detect whether the information the person put up is true when signing up for an account.

  12. a) The cyber dangers presented in the scenario is that the person you are talking to online, might use a different persona to trick you into doing things. They will then use these contents to blackmail you. It is also that you should not trust strangers online, as they may tempt you into doing something that you are not comfortable with.
    b) This is because she thought that the person she was talking to online was some handsome man who shows interest in her. The girl got attracted to the "guy" and did whatever he told her to do.
    c) This is because in the internet, no one would know who's behind the screen. People post about pictures of themselves and the activities they do online, thus people can simply copy those posts. These makes it so easy to assume a different persona online.

  13. (a) The cyber dangers are being abused and talking to someone you do not know.
    (b) The remarks and messages sent was very appealing and nice to her making her easily tempted which made her a victim.
    (c) All the information can be created and does not have to be true.

  14. a) Child predators
    b) She does not know the real identity of the person she is talking to and also she is a young teenager who really wants to find a boyfriend.
    c) Nobody checks whether a person creates a fake profile

  15. (a) Big boy paedophile asked the little girl to strip for him, very disturbing indeed. It is very dangerous to talk to random strangers online as they may not be who they claim to be. They could be lying and they may be older than they say.
    (b) She was lonely and trusted the guy she met online. The man also tempted the girl via compliments for example saying, "You're gorgeous".
    (c) On the internet, anyone can use a different name and identity.

  16. 1) The internet is a dangerous place with many different scammers or cat-fishers who want to scam you to get your personal information, or tempt you to do something you do not feel comfortable with.
    2) She did not know of her real life friends around her, and decided to make friends whom she thinks are real online.
    3) The internet allows people to change their personal information online to whatever they want to put, including changing their gender, age, location and more, to fool other people.

  17. (a) People may find your address and harass you at your home when you are alone. People may ask you to strip in front of the camera. People may lie to you about their particulars.
    (b) It was because the guy was so nice, gentle and sweet to her that she fell for all the acts put up by him. She wanted feel loved and nice which the guy was doing.
    (c) It was because no one knows if the stranger online is telling you the truth about their particulars.

  18. a) The cyber dangers presented are talking to, trusting and meeting a complete stranger whom you do not know in real life.
    b) She was looking for a friend online, so she trusted him easily. She was also young, so she trusted others easily and didn't know better, especially when he made her feel special.
    c) It is not easy to check the true identity of someone online and you can never know whether or not they are lying.

  19. (a) What are the cyber dangers presented in the scenario?
    The cyber dangers presented are talking to strangers, some people not being truthful about their age and they may tempt you to do something you would regret it.
    (b) Why do you think she succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim?
    Maybe she was lonely, had no friends and wanted attention
    (c) Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online?
    Because it is easy to use different tones and tweak sentences through messages. Also because they are not having face-to-face conversations and one can be deceived very easily. The other person at the other side of the computer could lie about their personality or age.

  20. a) The dangers present may be the existence of perverts online who desire seeing young adolescents with minimal clothing. Moreover, a much more abstract danger may be the lack of knowledge by children in which they may assume the false character of they are talking to.
    b) As she was relatively unaware of the dangers that may lay hidden within the large array of cyberspace, she failed to realise the actual motives in which the person harboured. Additionally, given her young age and lack of knowledge on romance, she was easily fooled into thinking she had an admirer romantically.
    c) Due to the large array of resources online, one may be able to fake a profile online easily and fool someone into thinking they are another person. Profile pictures, identity details and information displayed can be altered in a way that can make others assume a different persona.

  21. 1) She might get threaten after she take off the top.
    2)She really lke the guy and the guy make him feel special
    3)The people can be fake

  22. a) Talking to a person online that you do not know. (Cannot trust the strangers online)(Cat-fishing)
    b) Maybe she was lonely and had no other friends and the other person online was being nice.
    c) It is easy to craft a profile.

  23. (a) The cyber dangers presented are going out with people whom we meet online that we do not even know and that person may possibly harm us as we do not even know who that person is and when talking to a stranger online, that person may harbour evil thoughts and revealing personal information that could eventually lead to danger.
    (b) She could have been lonely thats why she turned to chatting with strangers online, and when the man online complimented her, she could have given in to this moment of glee
    (c) Users are able to display fake information and we often do not know the person online hence it is easy for users to pose as a totally different person online.

  24. (a) Some cyber dangers are people who claim they are who they aren't and try to trick and con people into making them do what they want them to.

    (b) She wanted to feel special and loved.

    (c) You can create a profile with a different name, gender, face, birthday and age which can allow people to believe that you are who you want them to believe.

  25. a) The cyber dangers are sex predators, impersonation or fake accounts and talking to strangers online.
    b) She succumbed so easily because she wanted to feel special and that someone liked her, and since she did not know truly how the person was.
    3) There is no true or perfect identification on the internet so you can make a fake account very easily on most websites.


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