Monday, February 6, 2017

Homework for 6th February 2017

 1.  Come up with a simple storyline by this Thursday.

 1.  Do quiz 2.2 and submit by tomorrow. If you have lost the quiz, there is an online version available on google classroom.

 I and E
 1. Do market research and make sure to complete it by next Monday's lesson.

 1. Compo corrections by tomorrow.

 1. Do reflection question 3 by tomorrow.

 1. 学听写 By Tomorrow
 1. Please check your respective English groups for 2017 S2 EL PT. Notify Ms Brown by this Wednesday if there are any issues.
 2. Ticket out the Door: [Four Corner Debate] PEEL Paragraph by tomorrow.
 3. [LEVEL TEST 1] Writing Good Characters - 'In Their Shoes' Activity by tomorrow.
 4. ['Losing Touch' + 'Visitors'] Journal Topic #4 by next Tuesday.
 5. ['The Moustache'] Journal Topic #3 by tomorrow.

 1. T1 W3 : Ch 2 : Geographical Investigations and Skills by this Thursday.
 2. Ch 3-2 : Which Cities in the world experience Housing Shortage and Reasons for Housing Shortage by this Friday.
 3. Learning Journey to HBD Hub 1 and 2 by March 6.
 4. Sec 2 Integrated Humanities Learning Journal by April 17.
 5. Geography GIS by this Thursday.

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